Episode 1

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9th Aug 2021

Nemeth IRS News - Episode 1 (Got an IRS Problem? We've Got Solutions)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Nemeth IRS News, featuring the bright minds over at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth. In the spirit of kicking off our new show, we introduce you to the Founder, Nick Nemeth, and our Managing Attorney, Jamie Flores, and showcase their extensive experience in dealing with tax law.

Listen as Nick and Jamie dive into the most pressing IRS topics their office faces on a daily basis. From tax mitigation strategies to solutions on failing to make tax payments, Nick and Jamie have seen it all.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a provoking conversation surrounding the options you have at your fingertips should the IRS come knocking.


0:08 - Welcome to the show and introducing our stars

3:00 - The most common IRS tax problems people may face

4:45 - The issues surrounding mismatched or unreported income

6:27 - Issues facing people that don't file a tax return at all

8:05 - What happens at the beginning of the process when the IRS notices an issue

9:36 - A simple tip for taxpayers on checking their withholdings

10:54 - What options are available for taxpayers when they can't afford an IRS bill

12:52 - The misconceptions surrounding extensions when filing returns

14:30 - The consequences of ignoring an IRS letters or failing to pay an IRS debt

18:15 - Don't ignore an IRS problem

19:37 - What people should consider when receiving an audit notice from the IRS

21:52 - Changes in 2021 that could lead to issues within people's tax returns

23:16 - Closing remarks

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About the Podcast

Nemeth IRS News
Got an IRS Tax Problem? We've Got Solutions
Every year the IRS sends millions of notices and letters to taxpayers for a multitude of reasons. We understand that seeing an envelope from the IRS can cause fear and anxiety! But, take a deep breath and recognize that taking care of the problem is likely a straightforward solution.

Welcome to Nemeth IRS News, featuring Nick Nemeth, Founder, of the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, and Jamie Flores, a Managing Attorney at the firm, for in-depth tax talk!

Join us for each episode as Nick Jamie explore the world of tax law and offer solutions for resolving a variety of issues with the IRS. Every episode will feature a new topic and draw upon real examples of Nick and Jamie's client cases.